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The RAM Mounts team has recently added to their lineup over a dozen products aimed specifically at the kayak and paddlesports market. The company, which has been in the fishing and maritime business for over two decades, brings to the table a grouping of items that will greatly increase the amount of rigging options available to the kayak angler.


Custom GoPro® Camera Adapter

For the GoPro® user, there now exists a camera-specific ball adapter. The adapter attaches directly to the under-side of the camera, replacing the factory mounting bracket.


Camera Mounts with Extension Poles

Once affixed to the ball, a GoPro® can be attached to any number of the company's mounts, including the new extension poles. The buoyant arms are offered in 14" and 18" options, and can easily be cut to length for custom configurations.


Quick Release Track Bases

For anglers favoring track-based mounting systems, RAM has made available a series of rail adapters. These are offered in two sizes of ball (1 and 1.5") as well as in an Adapt-A-Post Rail Mount configuration (shown).


Ram Tube Jr. Fishing Rod Holder

In creating a kayak-specific fishing rod holder, RAM teamed up with venerable innovators, Chad Hoover and Luther Cifers. The Tube Jr. is touted as a do-it-all unit suited for a wide range of uses and vessels.


 X-Grip Holders & Mounts

Gadget-toting anglers will be happy to know that their mounted phones can also remain dry and functional. The Aqua In today's world of ubiquitous smart phones and tablets, the possibility exists that an angler will wish to bring their beloved gadget along for the adventures. RAM's X-Grip is the tool for that angler. Made in American and backed by a lifetime warranty, the X-Grip was designed for simplicity of use and ease of installation.


Aqua Box Pro

Gadget-toting anglers will be happy to know that their mounted phones can also remain dry and functional. The Aqua Box Pro features a replaceable PVC vinyl screen is a step up from the existing Aqua Box, and it is through this upgrade that the functionality of the protected device is preserved.


Flush Rod Holder Ram Wedge Adapter

RAM has also turned its attention toward making better use of flush mounts. The Wedge Adapter, when inserted into a flush mount cavity, expands for a secure fit, and offers to the angler one of two size of ball mounts.


Transducer Arm Mounts

An interesting product designed for the protection of fish finder transducers, the adjustable arm mount allows "for quick raising, lowering, removal and stowage of transducer arm." The product "enables the quick and effective deployment and retrieval of your transducer, while protecting your transducer from damage. Perfect for kayak applications, the transducer arm can quickly be retrieved if you enter shallow water or when beaching your kayak."

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Rod Holder Extender and Tooth and Groove Ball Adapters

With the aim of further customizing fishing rod placement, RAM has made available a Rod Holder Extender and Tooth and Groove Ball Adapter. The products, used alone or in harmony, allow the angler to experience an infinite array of rod stowage options.

To learn more about these and other applicable RAM products, head to Ram Kayak Mounts.


RAM stands for Round-A-Mount and was introduced in 1995. Far and away the most innovative product line of its kind, RAM continues to evolve into one of the most sought after accessories for electronics. RAM products have quickly become an essential mounting component for a wide variety of applications including rugged vehicle, industrial, military and defense, material handling as well as any application requiring a robust mounting solution. RAM offers a diverse product line which is protected by over 94 issued patents with more than 60 patents pending. RAM ball and socket mounts feature a design revolving around an elastomeric rubber ball. Incorporating a non-slip feature as well as shock and vibration dampening, our often imitated but never duplicated mounting solutions are truly one of a kind and enhance every application they are used in. Utilizing the finest assembly hardware, durable composites, steel, stainless steel, rubber, and aluminum, our mounting bases and complete kits are manufactured in the USA to perform above expectations and remain cost effective.


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