Kayak Fishing is Bigger than you think, did you know…?

  1. Between 90,000 and 105,000 canoes and 350,000 kayaks are sold annually, according to the Chicago-based National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA).
  2. The NMMA says canoe sales in the U.S. have been dropping in recent years, and that more than 70 percent of the kayaks sold in the U.S. are sit-in or sit-on plastic recreational craft.
  3. Fishing from a Kayak has become prevalent in the state of Florida. Kayak fishing tournaments have become more popular each and every year. Many of the Kayak manufactures have started sponsoring anglers in efforts to increase sales. This was all started when Team Pro Bass hit the scene. They have nailed down virtually all honors and awards over the past several years and have started a local phenomenon. Peter Goesinya from Team Wilderness reports kayak sales from all brands have gone up 10 fold since Team Pro Bass started. Team Pro Bass donates all winnings to charity.
  4. The following is a list of kayak fishing forum active members; the data was supplied by the owners of these sites. There are many, many other sites and forums not accounted for.
    1. TKAA.org                                            2,500  
    2. Kayak Fishing Stuff                             10,000
    3. TKA Texas                                          10,000
    4. Kayak Sport Fishing, CA                     7,000  
    5. UK Forums                                          3,000  
    6. ECKF                                                   500     
    7. New England                                       3,000  
    8. misc factor                                           3,000  
    9. Flordia Kayak Forums                        15,000
    10. KFM                                                    18,000
    11. kayak only forums                              15,000
    12. fishing only forums                             100,000          
    13. Total                                                    187,000
  1. Paddler Magazine has a total circulation (US only)
    1. 50,000 newsstands, subscriptions, event & show
    2. 77%     earn $55,000
    3. 36%     earn $100,000
    4. 96%     have internet
    5. 42%     are involved with kayak fishing
    6. $867    is the average these 50,000 will spend next year
  2. PPA - Paddle Sport Industry Association         has 50,000 current members
  3. Canoe and Kayak Magazine
    1. 80,000total distribution
    2. 49,140paid circulation
    3. 36,260paid subscribers
    4. 3,250   newsstand sales
    5. 199,082 total readers
  4. First appeared in Paddle Sports Business - By Mike Kogan – “Selling Fishing Kayaks, Fishing for Paddlers” - Over the last 5 years numerous fishing-oriented kayak designs have come to market. Kayak fishing is striking a nerve deep in the paddle-sports industry-it is the largest growth sector of the fishing and paddle-sports markets and its impact is like two huge waves finding out they are both in the same pond. As the kayak fishing wave-front sweeps through the channels represented by big-box fishing retailers and traditional paddle-sports outfitters, everyone is learning how their business model is changing. It used to be that outdoor outfitters and water-sports stores had paddle-sports cornered. However, growth through the fishing channel is exploding the market from a number of perspectives, including segmentation, profit margins, and affordability to consumers. Over the last five to eight years, numerous fishing-oriented kayak designs have come to market. Every summer at the Outdoor Retailer trade show, more designs targeted at kayak fishing are unveiled. They run the gamut from rod holders added to existing recreational SOT designs to tricked-out SOT kayaks that trade off speed for the stability and storage features desired by anglers. Simultaneously, kayak fishing has gained momentum from its roots in California and spread to Texas, the entire Gulf Coast, Florida, and up the eastern seaboard through Georgia, the Carolinas, Virginia, and points farther north. The advantage most of these areas offer beyond California is fantastic saltwater and freshwater estuaries in coastal regions, rivers, and creeks. This has brought a new dimension to kayak fishing's application and popularity, particularly with the upswing in interest of the professional bass and redfish tours. Nowadays, all the big-box fishing retailers such as Bass Pro Shops, Cabelas, and West Marine/Boater's World, as well as significant local fishing retailers such as Economy Tackle in Sarasota, Florida, and Strike-Zone Fishing in Jacksonville, Florida, carry kayaks and cater to a large fishing-oriented population. Traditional paddle-sports outfitters are finding their ability to grab a significant piece of this new market severely challenged by stores that have all the fishing knowledge and fishing equipment desired by kayak fishermen, and a business model that caters to higher volumes, competitive margins, and lower retail prices. Effectively, the fishing retailers have made the kayak a commodity item purchase rather than a specialty item purchase.
    These fishing retailers are rapidly expanding their inventories to carry multiple brands of fishing kayaks such as Heritage, Malibu, Emotion, Cobra, and Hurricane, in addition to the new fishing-oriented models from the old-line SOT manufacturers like Ocean Kayaks and Wilderness Systems. They are able to provide a kayak fisherman true one-stop shopping for a boat, rigging, and all the fishing and tackle items needed to get on the water, and the knowledge of how to use it. This is something the traditional paddle or water-sports outfitter does not have the capability or wherewithal to provide. What are traditional paddle-sports outfitters to do? Many are now adding knowledgeable fishing staff and offering fishing seminars. Some retailers will be large enough to maintain pricing levels due to geographical demographics, even without delving into the fishing market.
  5. Ontario canoe manufacturers are taking a financial pounding due to a surge in kayak sales, but are refusing to let their industry sink. The popularity of kayaks in recent years has pushed the canoe from its first-place position in the manually powered recreational watercraft market. "Kayak sales in the past three to four years grew at the expense of canoe sales," says Keith Robinson, president of 20-year-old Souris River Canoes in Atikokan, about 200 kilometers northwest of Thunder Bay.
  6. New Zealand is a canoeing and kayaking paradise, being completely surrounded by ocean, dotted with a thousand lakes and covered by over 1500 rivers. There are more kayak and canoe tour operators per capita in New Zealand than in any other country. http://newzealandatoz.com/index.php?pageid=71
  7. From Lake Life, Auburn, NY– “Kayaks, canoes gaining popularity”
    By John E. Keshishoglou - Saturday, September 1, 2007 10:53 PM EDT
    the fastest growing area of recreational boating is the Sport Utility Boats (SUB). These include kayaks, canoes, rowboats, pedal boats and other vessels not powered by an engine.
  8. “Kayak Fishing A Growing Fishing Sport” – by Ron Brooks, Ron, an experienced fisherman and award winning outdoor writer, is also a member of the Georgia Outdoor Writers Association (GOWA), Florida Outdoor Writers Association (FOWA), and the Southeastern Outdoor Press Association (SEOPA). Pick up Your Boat and Head out Kayak Fishing. Kayak fishing is growing at an amazing rate. This relatively new fishing sport is becoming more and more popular every day. Areas where I used to fish and have the water all to myself are now being regularly sought by kayak fishermen. In the past, kayak fishing was pretty much looked at as a curious anomaly in saltwater. But, today, kayaks are being made specifically for fishing, with bells and whistles that meet an angler’s needs. Kayak fishing has arrived!
  9. Search the web for kayak fishing; there are hundreds of website, with thousands of members, with millions of posts, in almost every part of the country. People are hungry for information and are eager to talk about their sport.



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