East Coast Kayak Fishing - Mission Statement

"We have a unique and important role to play in the collective lives of those whom we support and connect with through our very own passion, the Kayak Angler. With this role comes a core responsibility to bridge and maintain the life lines that are in place to unconditionally support them and, as a result, we become a force of credible distinction that the industry (Innovators & manufacturers) rely upon to help cross that bridge simply because of the alliances and allegiance we have earned through the trust of our own community.

"Team ECKF is a seasoned  group of kayak fisherman chosen from various states throughout the east coast committed to foster the growth and development of the sport of Kayak Fishing. This geographical diversity within the team gives us strength as a unit and high visibility within the kayak fishing community. Together we commit to fishing all major kayak fishing tournaments, attending and supporting as many events local and abroad.


Team ECKF has been formed to seek out “pro-staff-like” sponsorships from manufacturers and companies which we believe we can work with and assist in driving our mission. It is our goal to evolve our sport, and more importantly have impact upon the kayak fishing equipment that we use regularly. We have a solid working history with manufacturers we've partnered both presently and within the past. Our reviews have assisted the evolution of products and helped to cultivate funtional,higher quality kayak fishing equipment.


When Team ECKF makes a commitment to fish, attend events, write articles or host seminars, it provides us all an opportunity to work together as a team. We exchange ideas and provide our sponsors with visibility and critical “industry specific” feedback.


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