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Well as the 2013 Kayak and Kayak Fishing season begin its a important time to take inventory of your physical condition. Its time to evaluate your physical condition, look over your kayak and gear and make sure everything is ready to go.

Also the first time out, keep it simple and try to hit the water with a buddy.

I have been going thru all my gear for our 100 mile trip in June. I have replaced all electronics with new batteries and also gave the batteries a wipe down with machine oil, to help prevent corrosion or rust. I re lubed the drysuit zippers and checked entire drysuit for failures.

I have gone thru all the kayaks, checking rudder lines and systems that can fail while on the water.

Its going to be another great year out on the water. If there is any good that came from Sandy, it would be the re shaping of the New Jersey shoreline. Its going to be exciting to re-explore the shore and find new fishing holes.

Well remember safety first and see you on the water

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Hello all, my name is Raymond Jones AKA acnjshink
I’m a long time fisherman; I'm located in Kaiserslautern Germany. I have been kayak fishing for about three years now and I love it. I’m active duty military so I move around allot. I grew up in Atlantic City NJ and I try to get back as much as I can to see family and get in some saltwater fishing.
I fish from a Sea Eagle 385 FastTrack Inflatable Kayak. My work takes me all over the world so this is the easiest way to get on some water. This platform has outperformed my expectations, it is super stable and fast enough for me to get out of the way of these big Barge Ships over here in Germany.

The nickname SHINK was given to me by my brother, its short for Shinkansen, the Japanese Bullet train. He said I was as fast as a train growing up. Everyone back home use to call me Shink and it stuck. So when I first used the internet and I had to make up a username I put ACNJSHINK short for Atlantic City New Jersey Shink.

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KWMy name is William Bowman i grew up in long island and still live here .ive been fishing my hole life from commercial to partyboats from shore and now from kayak.im a mamber of the kfa-ny aka mossy.i picked this name because like the patern for hutning and my personality is the same i just grow on ya . My aspect in life dont take anything for granted .cause one day it will all be gone.with that said i hope i could pass on all the thing's I know and will learn from others and teach the next person ...

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tarusvflounderMy name is Tauras Vebeliunas, and i was born and raised on Long Island, New York. I've fished the waters of the Northeast and abroad, both salt and sweet, since the early 1980's. While I love to fish year round in the surf, offshore and inshore by boat,  on charters and excursions, and more - kayakfishing is my main passion on the angling front.

As for my paddling experience, it dates back over 25 years, and includes lake and river canoeing/kayaking, ocean kayaking, and, extended wilderness canoeing/camping.
While I fished on many of those trips years ago, it was never considered a separate niche of angling- just a rod, a canoe, and fish! Today, of course, kayak-fishing is a huge sport on it's own, and being a part of the birth and evolution since it began, has been both a privilege, and, tons of fun!

Through tournaments and gatherings, the KFA-NY, ECKF, and sometimes just friendly chat on the shoreline, I've gained many great friends, and I always look forward to that next fishing trip on the yak!

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redtailman.JPGHi my name is Kevin Henderson aka Redtailman got the name from raising redtail catfish as a hobby. I have been fishing all my life i could remember when my dad use to take us fishing at the local docks using bamboo poles to catch blowfish. I fish the north shore and south of Long Island I got into kayaking around 2007 because watching bass from the shoreline crashing on peanut bunker and i couldn't reach them. So brought my first kayak that weekend went to every kayak show possible then got introduce to KFA-NY and Kayak Willy. Well to make long story short I was hooked. I never belong to a organization or club like kayak clubs people here are just the best. I really enjoy the sport so much and the men and woman who share the same passion as I do

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Gear that you have and wouldn't leave without when heading out sailing or fishing for the day. 

If you can ... don't go out alone. It is always better to fish with a friend and to travel together in case something happens. Plus who is going to get that awesome shot of you out there on the water with that monster fish?

When I head out fishing I never ever leave without my 2way radio and my SPOT GPS. The radio is great for reaching other nearby boats or Yakers that can help plus a station like mine where I can reach the coast guards. The SPOT satellite messenger, I have the old addition looking to buy the new one works amazing if ever in distress and a way your family or friends can tack you to see where you are going and where you are at. As long as it can pick up satellites then you'll be transmitting your location. If in an emergency a red button is all you have to push and a 911/sos goes out and trust me someone will be there they have people monitoring this all the time. 

Some other good ideas before heading out would be to make sure you have a floating dry box for a cellphone and extra batteries with a few numbers of people you can call locally such as a friend living on the coast or a few Captain's numbers if something happen you could get ahold of so they can rescue you. I know in our area NJ/NY the winds/tides can be nasty at times and with just a paddle takes a tole where you feel like you cant go no more, once you stop the tide takes you right back out leaving you where you started or further out to sea. Here is a good time to make sure in one of you hatches you have a dry bag with some warm cloths in there. If you like I do at 6am some days getting in around 6pm your body is beat and it get cold out there.  

Always check the Marine forecast before heading out on a trip. Sometimes in a Yak when you are out on the water and a storm is coming in remember that in a Yak where you are going looks close by but its a ways away. When fog rolls on in be very careful make sure other boats hear and see you. 

Here is a list of things on my Yak.

  1. Proper Clothing for any situation
  2. PFD on your body with two strobe lights one in front and back. 
  3. Bilge pump
  4. 2 way radio
  5. Compass or GPS
  6. Paddle Leash
  7. Whistle
  8. Knife attached to PFD
  9. Rope I normally carry around 25-50 feet with me. 
  10. Flash Light, I use a green military lazer that travels for miles very thick green lazer.
  11. Sail Plan
  12. First Aid Kit
  13. Extra Paddle
  14. Water Bottles

This is just the basics if of what you should have in any situation. So stay safe and keep those lines tight. 

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Find the Reel that fits your fishing style. What do we look for when purchasing a reel? The quality of the reel pops in our head every time and when fishing saltwater you need to make sure you are buying the right saltwater reel. Fishing saltwater without a saltwater reel will cause the reel to corrode and this will badly damage the way the reel works. The best reels to prevent this are made from Resin, Titanium, and or Stainless Steal. Just because now the search is narrowed down does not mean will be spending a lot. There are tons of reels out there that will work perfect for your style of fishing and will not put a dent into your wallet.

Now figure out what type of fishing you will be doing. Will it be inshore fishing where a better casting reel would work great inshore? Or are leaning more towards deep sea fishing, where casting does not matter but more the line capacity and strength for those larger game fish. Here we decide to use from three options spinning reels, baitcasting reels, or conventional reels.

With Inshore fishing the best choice to start with would be the spinning reel. The spinning reel is the easiest reel to use without worrying about the dreaded backlash or rats nest! What is backlash?

An example would be.

School of fish in front of you, you and your buddies are hooking up left and right having the highlight of your trip. You go to cast again and here is where it all happens. You have your finger on the spool casting out just a little to loose and the reel knows it and will decide to strike at any moment but it waits for the right time. As you pull back and over letting your rod tip direct where your lure is going it fly’s out heading towards the school of fish. Well the reel does not like to spin and let all that line out but eventually it gives up and starts spinning letting line loose. With the reel now spinning having force behind it, it sees it opportunity to strike once the lure hits the water and it does causing a huge loose, knotted, tangled octopus of line at your finger tip not being able to reel in. With the force that the reel was spinning when the lure hit the water the line stopped but the reel kept going cause the line to back loop all over the place causing the backlash. With you all tangled your out of fishing for a bit as your friends pull in fish around you. So the spinning reel would be the best choice for inshore fishing and not to worry about backlash. There are a few options to choice from when you find your spinning reel do you want from light, to heavy weight. Most of this is the amount of line you can put on the reel. It will said 4/110 for line capacity also 6/110 for braid meaning 4 or 6 being the test of the line how strong it is and the 110 is the amount of line total that can go on the reel. Remember if using braided line to back the spool up first. Braid has a tendency to wear your reel and rods eyes like crazy. Max drag, ball bearing, recovery is another option to look at when you purchase.


The baitcasting reel is a great reel with a better gear ratio for making pulling in those lures a bit easier. Myself when I am out on the water fishing, throwing the line out, cranking it back in for hours you tend to get tired. The baitcasting reel is much easier on the retrieval then the spinning reel with one downfall. BACKLASH!!, yes the dreaded backlash which we talked about previously. With these reels you can use a breaking system that slows in down but you need to make sure you set it correctly before heading out on the water. If you have a weak thumb make sure to add more break on the reel, the less break me more pressure you will have to add while casting. If backlash does happen I put the reel on free spool and pull line out until I get to the main loop where the problem occurred, untangle or un knot the line and work you way back when retrieving the line back into the reel make sure to keep good tension on the line when cranking back in. On the baitcasting reel you will see all the same specs of the reel. 12/175 for line capacity with 30/160 of braid, number of bearing it has, max drag, and recovery. These rods are great rods for those long hours out on the water but will bit if your not cautious.

The conventional reel is a must if you want that trophy tuna or the battle of a lifetime. There are countless reasons why this reel is a must. First, this reel is not for casting long distances like the spinning and baitcasting reels. This reel provides you with the greatest line capacity and cranking power for your money.

The conventional reel is a great reel for the vertical fishing. You have a heavy sinker on and just let it drop waiting or jigging the bottle for that fish. Don’t get me wrong you can also use this reel for trolling as well. The reason why most use it for vertical fishing is the cranking power it allows you to have making it almost effortless till that big eye grabs your line or Marlin. These reels come in a few different sizes depending on the fishing you plan on doing the sizes range on the reel for example a 20, 30 or 50. Lets go over a 30 reel to give you an insight on what the conventional reel does over the spinning and baitcasting reel. For line capacity we have 30/600 and 50/1210 braided line, Ball bearing, max drag, recovery 37.0/16.0, and weight. Here we can see the difference on just how much line these reels can hold but also all that line to untangle if you mess up.

Make sure on all reels you check the gear ratio to understand gear ratio think of it as as a gear inside the reel which there is that turns for the line to be retrieved. If you have a one-to-one gear ratio ( 1.0.1 ) this means that that one rotation of the reel handle with have one rotation of the reel spool. A low gear in fishing line will provide more torque when a higher gear ratio will recover the line faster. There are high speed reels and two speed reels that are sold now. Take into consideration every aspect before buying your reel.

Now that you have your reel, if you paid over 200 or below doesn’t matter since you did your research and found the reel that fits your needs. With saltwater make sure after every time you go fishing to take apart clean and lube. Saltwater sitting in your reel will hurt your reel in the long run. 

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We are very excited to have moved our site to new servers and leave behind all the problems. Its a important time for ECKF, its a important time so as a Team, ECKF Team we can rebuild the site, the info and the extended use review sections

thanks everyone for your help, especially a few of you that have been here since the start

lets rebuild it together

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Thank you for making the right decision to start blogging in your Joomla! website.

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