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carl4x4I'm 37 years old and have a lovely wife, two amazing young children, and a deep love for fishing that began in early childhood. Growing up I started fishing off my father's boat. When I was able to cast I started surfcasting. Growing up I spent most weekends cruising the beaches of Montauk with my dad, and uncle Johnny. A few years back while surfcasting I noticed some kayakfishermen out passed the breakers. They where nailing fish just out of reach of everyones' casts. At that point I decided that I was getting a kayak. From that cold day in February when I got my first fish on the kayak, I'v been hooked ever since.






Home Base:



Kayak fishing since:

You can find me on the following Kayak Fishing Forums


Hobie Aventurer

Your thoughts on Fishing and Kayak Fishing:

Favorite fish species, and why:

Stripe Bass

Preferred Method for Fishing from the kayak: 

Carl Tube n Worms ( I put this site together so others can see how to use my "Kayak Carl's Tube N Worm". Yes there are others that work, but the Kayak Carl Trolling Tube N Worm has been modified by me over the years with a proven track record and more than 2,000 Tubes in kayak fisherman's tackle box.

Join me Kayak Carl in exploring the use of the Tube N Worm.

Where did your passion for kayak fishing come from: 

 Living on Long Island


Misc Info:

I am very proud to be one of the founding members of: KFA-NY, and an Founding Team ECKF Member.

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Thanks for the information.
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