East Coast Kayak Fishing - Mission Statement

"We have a unique and important role to play in the collective lives of those whom we support and connect with through our very own passion, the Kayak Angler. With this role comes a core responsibility to bridge and maintain the life lines that are in place to unconditionally support them and, as a result, we become a force of credible distinction that the industry (Innovators & manufacturers) rely upon to help cross that bridge simply because of the alliances and allegiance we have earned through the trust of our own community."

Team ECKF is a seasoned  group of kayak fisherman chosen from various states throughout the east coast committed to foster the growth and devlopment of the sport of Kayak Fishing. This geographical diversity within the team gives us strength as a unit and high visibility within the kayak fishing community. Together we commit to fishing all major kayak fishing tournaments, attending and supporting as many events local and abroad.

East Coast Kayak Fishing Team

John Mortensen aka JAM

John “JAM” Mortensen currently employed by The Roost Bait and Tackle in Hatteras, North Carolina where he is a Custom Fishing Rod Builder, with over 10 years experience Building Custom Fishing Rods for all applications. The Roost is located inside of Teach’s Lair Marina, which is one of the premier Marina’s in the world. JAM is currently on the Pro Staff for DAIWA, and Aqua-Bound Paddles.

jamJAM started KAYAK Fishing in 2002, in an area commonly known as The Grave Yard of the Atlantic. He spent the first 4 years of his Kayak fishing, right off of Cape Point, in Buxton North Carolina. After 4 years of Gear Destruction on Diamond Shoals, he switched gears to explore what the backwaters of Hatteras Island had to offer, where he spends about 80 percent of his time.

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Matt Trucks aka YAKCHUM

Name is Matt. Was born and raised in NJ. YAKCHUM has been his screen screen name since 1998. He is an unemployed Architectural Draftsman and Designer. I have been fishing since he was 5 years old.
mattflukeMatt was 1st mate on his pops fishing boat for over 15 years. He owned and operated his own 20' Wellcraft power boat for 5 years. Once he sold his boat he needed a new way to go fishing and decided in the winter of 2009 – 2010 to go purchase a kayak and use it as he new fishing platform. In april he purchased his first kayak used Perception Caster 12.5. Over the past season he has fished a wide variety of targets ranging from freshwater large mouth bass to summer fl9ounder (fluke). Also rigging his kayak as the pros have rigged theirs suiting his preferences. Matt looks forward as being a pro staffer for ECKF and shareing his knowledge and experiances with the team and fellow kayakers.

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William Bowman aka KAYAK WILLY

KWMy name is William Bowman i grew up in long island and still live here .ive been fishing my hole life from commercial to partyboats from shore and now from kayak.im a mamber of the kfa-ny aka mossy.i picked this name because like the patern for hutning and my personality is the same i just grow on ya . My aspect in life dont take anything for granted .cause one day it will all be gone.with that said i hope i could pass on all the thing's I know and will learn from others and teach the next person ...

Tauras Vebeliunas aka FEEDINGFRENZY

tarusvflounderMy name is Tauras Vebeliunas, and i was born and raised on Long Island, New York. I've fished the waters of the Northeast and abroad, both salt and sweet, since the early 1980's. While I love to fish year round in the surf, offshore and inshore by boat,  on charters and excursions, and more - kayakfishing is my main passion on the angling front.

As for my paddling experience, it dates back over 25 years, and includes lake and river canoeing/kayaking, ocean kayaking, and, extended wilderness canoeing/camping.
While I fished on many of those trips years ago, it was never considered a separate niche of angling- just a rod, a canoe, and fish! Today, of course, kayak-fishing is a huge sport on it's own, and being a part of the birth and evolution since it began, has been both a privilege, and, tons of fun!

Through tournaments and gatherings, the KFA-NY, ECKF, and sometimes just friendly chat on the shoreline, I've gained many great friends, and I always look forward to that next fishing trip on the yak!

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Kevin Henderson aka Redtailman

redtailman.JPGHi my name is Kevin Henderson aka Redtailman got the name from raising redtail catfish as a hobby. I have been fishing all my life i could remember when my dad use to take us fishing at the local docks using bamboo poles to catch blowfish. I fish the north shore and south of Long Island I got into kayaking around 2007 because watching bass from the shoreline crashing on peanut bunker and i couldn't reach them. So brought my first kayak that weekend went to every kayak show possible then got introduce to KFA-NY and Kayak Willy. Well to make long story short I was hooked. I never belong to a organization or club like kayak clubs people here are just the best. I really enjoy the sport so much and the men and woman who share the same passion as I do

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