East Coast Kayak Fishing - Mission Statement

"We have a unique and important role to play in the collective lives of those whom we support and connect with through our very own passion, the Kayak Angler. With this role comes a core responsibility to bridge and maintain the life lines that are in place to unconditionally support them and, as a result, we become a force of credible distinction that the industry (Innovators & manufacturers) rely upon to help cross that bridge simply because of the alliances and allegiance we have earned through the trust of our own community."

Team ECKF is a seasoned  group of kayak fisherman chosen from various states throughout the east coast committed to foster the growth and devlopment of the sport of Kayak Fishing. This geographical diversity within the team gives us strength as a unit and high visibility within the kayak fishing community. Together we commit to fishing all major kayak fishing tournaments, attending and supporting as many events local and abroad.

East Coast Kayak Fishing Team

Charlie LaBar aka LUNCHBOX

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Raymond Jones AKA acnjshink



Hello all, my name is Raymond Jones AKA acnjshink
I’m a long time fisherman; I'm located in Kaiserslautern Germany. I have been kayak fishing for about three years now and I love it. I’m active duty military so I move around allot. I grew up in Atlantic City NJ and I try to get back as much as I can to see family and get in some saltwater fishing.

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Austin Tiongco-Dee AKA Ti

Hello my name is Austin Tiongco-Dee AKA Ti
I have been fishing all my life. I have been Kayak fishing for about 2 years now and what an amazong time it has been. I should have started this a while back. I am currently active duty military till May 25th 2013 and I will be back home in NJ where I grew up and fished for many years. I stated fishing at a young age with my father on the surf and charters from Cape May. My wife is a big part in my fishing story since she supports my crazy habit 110% knowing I will be out on the water all the time fishing doing what I love , bring home some food, and yes then racking up a bill for the lost gear that I lose during the season or what I spend on the way out fishing at the local tackle shop. Thank hun for everything.

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Al Stillman aka YAKMAN

I started East Coast Kayak in 2004, as a means to meet other people interested in kayak fishing. Over the years ECKF has developed into professional sponsored kayak fishing team, where we try to fish as many tournaments on the East Coast. Over the years we have been asked to run kayak fishing seminar’s and instructional on the water workshops. East Coast Kayak Fishing Team is currently a group of hard core kayak anglers who try and fish as many tournaments as possible together, promote safety in our sport and commit to fishing together up and down the east coast.

albentI have been a Pro Staffer for St Croix Rods for 5 years. I still love the question that I get asked all the time "When is St Croix Rods going to come out with a Kayak Fishing Specific Rod?" The official St Croix answer is that they make hundreds of rods that are perfect for kayak fishing. If you want a shorter butt, then just take a few inches off. 

I have worked closely with Skwoosh as there Kayak Fishing Product Manager where I help develop new specific kayak fishing products. Over the last 4 years we have seen Skwoosh become a leading role in the performance gel seats for kayak fishing. Anyone that has been sitting in a kayak for more than a few hours can appreciate the Skwoosh Gel Seat. Skwoosh and ECKF have been working together for many years.

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Dennis Barnes aka Piney

My Name is Dennis and I am a Freshwater Fisherman, I am learning to fish the salt. I prefer to fish fresh because I live so close to it. In 2010 I became a part of Feelfree kayak fishing team. I fished in my first Salt Tournament The 6th annual at J-Bay N.Y. I learned how to use the KayakCarl Tube N Worm. I will swear by it, it's very magical. I caught a few blues on the tournament. I like the action of saltwater, but my love is still the freshwater.


My other hobbies include: Photography, kayaking back water with the many clubs I belong to and Hiking trails. I am a member of The Sierra Club, Delaware Valley Kayakers(DVK) and The Outdoor Club Of South Jersey(OCSJ).

Name: Dennis Barnes

Nickname: Piney

Home Base: Burlington County, NJ

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website:  http://fwswkayaker.shutterfly.com/

You can find me on the following Kayak Fishing Forums:

Kayak: Wilderness Systems Tsunami 125 sit inside kayak, My First kayak was a 10' Perception Kayak.Then I had 2 sit on tops from FeelFree 12 and 13 foot for fishing the salt.

Favorite fish species, and why: Esox Niger AKA The Chain Pickerel The Most agressive fish in the fresh water here in NJ.
Anglers hate catching them, especially during a tournament. They Lose a lot of expensive lures to these toothy critters(pickerel).
If you are lucky enough to catch one up to 27" in length you will understand.
These are some of the other fish I have caught here in NJ
Large Mouth Bass, yellow perch, some channel cats.

Where did your passion for kayak fishing come from: Always fished from The Shore and The Fisherman In The boats were catching all the fish.


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Hello all, my name is Raymond Jones AKA acnjshink I’m a long time fisherman; I'm located in Kaisers...